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X-Tract Logistics S.L.U. will be in SIL2016 (Barcelona, 7-9 Junio)
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Milenio Titan Desert By Gaes Stage 5

Mcissi, Marruecos (03/05/2012) - Luis Leao Pinto, Roberto Heras and Milton Ramos have been played the victory in the fifth stage of the Milenio Titan Desert by Gaes. In a race that seemed resolved the favorites have played their cards; Luis Leao Pinto has escaped with Thomas Vrokrouhlik at kilometer 20, Milton Ramos tried to save time navigating and Roberto Heras has had to fight against stomach problems that he's carring from this morning.


The fifth stage of the 2012 edition from Alnif to Mcissi, with 116.31 km of special stage has brought one of the most beautiful fights in the history of the race. With a clear leader after the fourth stage in the mountain, the pursuers Milton Ramos and Luis Leao Pinto tried to take terrain to Spanish and each played a different card.


A few kilometers from the start Egoitz Murgoitio, teammate of Milton Ramos, had a puncture, leaving alone the Honduran resident in Sabiñánigo. The rhythm of leaders in the first kilometers was unstoppable and Milton could not wait for his assistant and this situation has been taken by Luis Leao Pinto, at kilometer 26 he has thrown an attack that could only follow the Czech Tomas Vrokrouhlik. From behind the group of Heras was losing components while they added kilometers


After the first checkpoint at kilometer 52, the advantage of Pinto and Vrokrouhlik on Heras and Milton group was just over seven minutes and in the 53th the LEADER team member wants to play his last card and has taken a different route to take him to CP2. The bet was risky but could work and he has tried, very courageous he has covered nearly 40km alone and opening a track that some more have followed.


Roberto Heras was suffering even more stomach problems and was forced to stop several times after the Water Point 2 but the chasing pack were waiting the overall leader every time he needed. One by one and bringing everyone his grain of sand have made the distance of Pinto and Vrokrouklik does not reach more than 10 minutes at CP2. Five minutes before the group had passed Heras Milton Ramos, who had managed to navigate upon be placed in third position but behind the Portuguese and Czech.


At the end of the route and just before the finish, Pinto has been unhooked from Vrokroulik and has surpassed in 18 seconds at the finish line while Milton Ramos lost the way at the entrance to a small town and lost the third place of the stage. Roberto Heras arrived to the camp exhausted after a hard stage conditioned by stomach problems and consequent dehydration but retaining the leadership of the race.


On reaching the camp Luis Leao Pinto said: "Since I went out the start to all I gave everything. We have worked the two to arrive here. Seems I've managed to recover a little, but that's the Titan Desert, yesterday I lost a lot." And sure he will fight until the end and that does not yet lost the race for "There is still a stage, so there is still Titan Desert. I came here to win and I will do everything to get it."


Roberto meanwhile, reached the finish and claimed exhausted significantly "It was tough. Too many rocks and a headwind, it was very hard. At the middle of the race I was sick to my stomach, decomposition, so I had to stop three times ".


Milton Ramos on the other hand knew that his move had not gone well "I risked twice, sometimes it works and sometimes not. Not this time" but added that "I'll try again tomorrow, I can not get out of here without trying ".


1.- Luís Leao Pinto – ESTEVE 1 – 4:16:59

2.- Tomás Vrokrouhlik – BMC SAVO RACING – 4:17:12 +0:13

3.- Marzio Deho – TEAM OLYMPIA – 4:25:39 +8:40

4.- Roberto Heras – GAES ELITE 1 – 4:25:39 +8:40

5.- Martin Horak – BMC SAVO RACING – 4:25:40 +8:41

6.- Fran Perez – WILD WOLF TREK PRO RACING – 4:26:22 +9:23

7.- Eduardo Gonzalo – GAES 18 ELITE – 4:26:23 +9:24

8.- Marc Trayter – RADIKALBIKES – 4:28:48 +11:49

9.- Joan Llordella – BUFF INTL. – 4:28:49 +11:50

10.- Joan Compte – RADIKALBIKES – 4:28:49 +11:50

13.- Milton Ramos – LIDER 1 – 4:33:01 +16:02

19.- ELEUTERIO ANGUITA HINOJOSA – FUJI – 04:46:36 +00:29:38

66.- JOSE LUIS GOMEZ MIRANDA – FUJI – 05:24:58 +01:08:00

71.- JORGE FERRIO LUQUE – FUJI – 05:32:44 +01:15:46

134.- AGUSTIN ANGUITA HINOJOSA – FUJI – 6:03:07 +01:46:09

135.- SARA GARCÍA INCLÁN – FUJI – 6:03:07 +01:46:09

164.- ANGEL ANGUITA HINOJOSA – FUJI – 06:29:14 +02:12:16

Milenio Titan Desert By Gaes Stage 3

Milenio Titan Desert By Gaes Stage 1
First phase of the 2012 Edition of the Millennium Titan Desert by Gaes and first encounter with the great duel of 'Titans' who live in the last edition. The first special, shortened to 71 km (initially 111) after the storm of sand of the evening before, has fuelled the fight between Milton Ramos, Roberto Heras and Luis Leao Pinto. In the finish, the Portuguese line apt bejarano in a coming very close to sprint while Milton, with a totally different and bet more focused in the part of sand, it has been penalized in the fastest area and has lost more than 13 minutes in the line of meta.

When Luis Leao Pinto crossed the finishing line, he was very happy with the result "we wanted to be ahead from the beginning and we have achieved it." Milton has gone home with a few minutes but thanks a great job my and Roberto have managed to advance it. "I'm very happy to get the Red Jersey with me and being leader". But he also warned: "everything is still wide open".

Roberto Heras said at the finishing line: "Milton Ramos went there with three minutes advantage over me and Luis." But we went to cut and at the end have reached Luis and I alone. "I enjoyed the truth".

Milton Ramos said that the advantage of three minutes achieved in the dunes at the finishing line "while others walked or ran I could pedal, and is not the same walk or run to be mounted on the bike." Legs suffer more and I've been very fresh from the dunes while they were a little more tired"


1.- Luís Leao Pinto - ESTEVE 1 - 2:23.17

2.- Roberto Heras - GAES ELITE 1 - 2:23.17 +0:00

3.- Eduardo González - GAES 18 ELITE - 2:36.41 +13:24

4.- Raúl Hernández - GAES ELITE 1 - 2:36.43 +13:26

5.- Julen Zubero - GAES ELITE 2 - 2:36.43 +13:26

6.- Fernando Perez - GAES ELITE 2 - 2:36.43 +13:26

7.- Aitor Quintana - GAES ELITE 2 - 2:36.43 +13:26

8.- Milton Ramos - LIDER 1 - 2:36.44 +13:27

9.- Martin Horak - BMC-SAVO RACING - 2:39.58 +16:41

10.- José Alberto Benítez - TEAM GO FIT-DEPORINTER - 2:39.59 +16:42

. . . .

31.-Eleuterio Anguita Hinojosas– FUJI - 02:52:07 +00:28:50

37.-Jorge ferrio luque– FUJI-  02:57:22 +00:34:05

77.-JOSE LUIS GOMEZ MIRANDA– FUJI - 03:22:21 +00:59:04

125.-ANGEL ANGUITA HINOJOSA– FUJI -  03:40:23 +01:17:06

125.-SARA GARCÍA INCLÁN – FUJI -  03:40:23 +01:17:06

127.-AGUSTIN ANGUITA HINOJOSA– FUJI -  03:40:23 +01:17:06

Jerseys for the Milenio Titan Desert by GAES 2012
The first photos, in debut, of the jerseys that Eleuterio Anguita Hinojosas, Jorge Ferrío Luque, Agustín Anguita Hinojosas and Domingo Angel Anguita Hinojosas will ware in the Milenio Titan Desert 2012 by GAES.

Tomorrow, the 26th of April at 12 in the morning, the official presentation of the team will take place in Madrid .

Sports equipment for the Milenio Titan Desert by Gaes 2012
We present exclusively the sports equipment of our team in the Milenio Titan Desert by Gaes 2012.

12 days left foor the leyend of the desert...

Our new office in Canary Islands
We want to welcome our new member of X-Tract Logistics team, Clara, who will provide our services from Canary Islands to these companies interested in export and import products.

Our new office in Balearic Islands
We want to welcome our new member of X-Tract Logistics team, Oliver, who will provide our services from Balearic Islands to these companies interested in export and import products.

X-Tract Logistics sets up a new service that will conect Alicante Port with the Balearic & Canary Islands

X-TRACT LOGISTICS conects weekly with Canary Islands & daily with Balearic Islands.

We offer FCL & LCL cargo services since last September.


X-Tract Logistics supports the children

Available the new calendar 2012

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